Business Technology

Implementing new age technologies into your business.

Your company's tech team.

Even the simplest of technology-related tasks can become a hassle. Our business technology services provide your company with your own virtual technology department.

Algorithm Design

We also maintain the credentials and knowledge of advanced applied mathematical methods, such as solving optimization problems or running simulations (risk management). We can design an algorithm and build the technology to implement it.

Business Intelligence

Turning cross-department data into key decision-making information and visualizations. Identify cost cutting opportunities, productivity bottlenecks, and more. Various reporting platforms can be used or a custom dashboard designed.

Technology Consulting

Stuck in a situation where you're not sure which technology will most efficiently solve your problems? We'll research and evaluation the options to find the best solution.

Business Cloud

Establishing a business cloud has its many advantages, but is not the simplest of processes. We can facilitate the deployment and/or optimization of business infrastructure setup in Microsoft 365 or Google App's. Includes contact, email, calendar, & vault configuration.

Data Migrations

Moving data from one place to another, often in different formats, is time consuming and prone to human error. We can design and build simple solutions to solve and often automate your data migration issues.

Software Integrations

Having issues getting two systems to work with each other? It is probably the most common bottleneck in business technology operations today.

Spreadsheet Conversions

Spreadsheets are great tools, but they can be extremely dangerous if not completely understood and managed. Misuse of functions, version duplications, and accidental changes are just name a few. We can convert these into simple calculators with customized outputs, such as reports.

Form Conversions

Most companies still use paper forms for contracts, applications, and other duties requiring gathering data. We can convert these into web-based and/or interactive PDF forms to eliminate paperwork and increase productivity.

Process Automation

When fully utilized, business can see immediate results from workflow management systems. We understand these systems and the standards (BPMN) they abide by. We'll analyze, design, and implement the processes for you.

There's more...

This list of services is comprised of the most typical services required by businesses, but we are certainly not limited to these capabilities.

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