Enterprise Software

Custom software design specifically for your company.

COMING SOON! Our enterprise solutions are based on our "Business Management" project, which is still currently in development. Custom features and configurations are completed on a project-by-project basis. We expect the project to be completed in late 2017.

Custom Tailored Enterprise Software

We take a unique approach to our enterprise solutions by truly employing a do not re-invent the wheel mentality. Over our 8 years of existance, we have built various components focused on different business aspects of a business. Uiltizing an open source CRM/ERP platform OFBiz and individual selecting top technology vendors in their corresponding fields, we have buitl a series of components that can be utilized in our enterprise software projects. It not only insures a faster time-to-market, but top-of-the-line modern technologies.


A complete accounting suite with customizable accounts and categorizations. Manage receivables/payables, send out invoices, process transactions, and more.

Business Intelligence

Manage your business more informed. Our system tracks every little event, in real-time, and can be tracked via real-time dashboard and through historical reports.


Communication barriers plague all businesses. Centralizing communication via chat portals, automated email aggregation/categorization, and automated phone agents are just a few ways that we can help eliminate communication bottlenecks.

Contact Management

Your typical CRM features including contacts, customers, accounts, lead, and opportunities tracking. You have the option of also given some of these users access to the system.

Document Management

Digitize your documents. Eliminate document redundancy, searchable archives, esignatures, and more. A simple, yet, obvious step in making your company more efficient.

E-Commerce Management

E-Commerce is gradually taking over the brick-and-mortar style business. We can turn your website into a fully-functionting store with customize prodcuts, pricing, and inventory management.

Facility Management

An added advantage of the OFBiz integration is the facility management. It enables company to manage invetory, invididual projects, and nearly all other major features relating to distribution.

HR Management

A simple, yet core party of the system. Manage your organizational structure, idnvidiaul positions, and of course, individual people. Track hours, work efforts, performance reviews, and more.

Integrations Management

Integration between systems is a bottleneck to some degree in all businesses. We can build out custom integration solutions to make multiple system run together seamlessly.

Payment Processing

Create an efficient payment processing gateway or build out a web-based point-of-sale application.

Marketing Management

Managing marketing campaigns is crucial to understanding the success, or lack thereof, of your company's marketing efforts. Design campaigns, import contact lists, send mass emails, segment prospects, create custom tracking codes, and more.

Manufacturing Management

Another added advantage of the OFBiz integration is the manufacturing management. Manufacturers can go into immense detail as to tracking costs, job boards, shipping plans, and MRP.

Sales Management

Manage all leads, including their source, all communications, and their current stage. Automate lead touchpoints. Entire sales process is auto-managed using the workflow management system.

Workflow Management

Design new workflows or edit existing ones using an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow designer. Include different types of tasks, flows, users, and more. Workflows enable cross-department automation.

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