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  • Alert Notifications

    Send custom email, text manages, agent calls, and internal system messages based on events and conditional event triggers (e.x. new opportunity created).

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  • Email Synchronization

    Aggregate all emails from major email providers for centralized email tracking. Auto-associate email addresses as employees, customers, etc. and even by purpose to more efficiently manage emails.

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  • Employee Phone Numbers

    Create unique phone #'s for indivividual employees at a minimal $1 per month plus usage. Take income and make outgoing calls and text messages directly from downloadable Twilio app. Track usage, record calls, and transcribe calls. Some features require additional charges. See Twilio for additional details.

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  • Automated Phone Agents

    Create automated, or "robot", answering service customized to your company. Use it as a simple phone directory or advanced Q&A flow system to intelligently delegate calls.

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  • Real-Time Chat Channels

    Create real-time chat channels accessible via mobile devices for communicating, sharing documents, and more. Use custom permissions to create channels for the entire company, individual departments, individual projects, and more. Advanced features including chat history, read/unread indicators, read/unread indicators, and typing-indicators also available.

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  • Audio & Video Conferencing

    Easily create conferences accessible both via audo and video that also include all real-time chat features. Completely browser-based with advanced features including invitations, muting users, and screensharing.

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  • Calling Center

    Using automated calling agents and phone # based identification, create a custom calling center with call queues for human call agents. Customize workflow to your business need(s). See Twilio for more details on pricing.

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  • Business Process Automation

    Use existing process management systems or build a simple one to design business processes for your company. The Activiti engine enables advanced task delegation, group assignments, document management, and more. See Activiti workflow engine and the BPMN standards for more details.

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  • Organizational Structure Design

    Determine company positions and assign positions specific responsibilities. Positions are organized into a main organizational hearchy and team-based hiearchy for clear responsbility assignment, as well as the ability to utilize the structure to automate business processes.

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  • Import/Export Custom Data

    A common issue run into by nearly all businesses is the problem of converting one data format to another. This might include importing a unique format to be used by a system or exporting a unique format to be used by an external system. In many cases, he conversion and the transfer of data can be automated.

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  • Content Virtualization

    Moving files to a cloud-hosted environment is a key base requirement in a business' technology initiative. Its not only key to setup the infrastructure and categorization, but an easy implementable process for employees to follow.

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  • Integrations

    Integrating two or more systems together to automatically work with each other. Bi-directional (data flowing both ways), if possible.

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  • Merge Datasets

    Very similar to the "Import/Export Custom Data" item, companies may be required to merge multiple files in different formats into a single file in a specific format.

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  • Digital Form Conversion

    Forms are a crucial way of gathering and submitting data in many different business situations. Converting these forms into interactive PDFs and/or web forms not only simpilify the gather process, but enable publishing the data to external sources or filling in other electronic forms a simple process.

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  • Digital eSignatures

    The process of managing contracts and agreements can be a tedious process that involves multiple version of the document. Using eSignatures eliminates this tedious process by maintaining a single version of the agreement and a certified signed copy that is sent to both parties and archived. This technology integrates with nearly all major document management systems.

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  • Social Marketing

    We can build a simple syndication app that utilizes the networks that focus on your targeted market with your own custom metrics in addition to the many offered for free. If the cost is worth the investment, utilize an established platform and let us help you integrate that into your existing technology stack.

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  • Email Marketing

    We've worked with a few different email marketing tools including email relaying servers (such as SMTP) and email analytics (such as Interspire).

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  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence takes data from various sources and transforms it information by computing key performance indicators, custom data visualizations, and any other information that assists the business in determining the status of the company, as well as making key decisions.

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  • Real-Time Analytics

    Some businesses require analytics and intelligence to be computed and displayed in real-time. While the concepts of the output report are very similar to business intelligence, the infrastructure to enable real-time analytics is a completely different topic. Our extensive experience in financial software has

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  • Business Activity Monitoring

    Business Activity Monitoring refers to the aggregation, analysis, and presentation of real0time information activities inside organizations and involving customers and partners. In essence, it enables complete real-time monitoring of all activities relating to a company. These activities can be used to compute real-time

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  • Algorithms & Equations

    Our quantitative finance and mathematical methods backgrounds enable our team to assist in the design of various types of algorithms and equations to solve complex problems. Once determined, these algorithms and/or equations can be implented in an easy-to-use interface for companies toutilize. Examples might include cost minimization optimization, risk analysis, and more.

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  • Custom Calculators

    Different industry vertical requires certain calculations to be performed with precision. While excel is often the preferred method, we have encountered countless situations of multiple versions, lack of excel understanding, and simple human error that have lead to catastrophic problems.

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  • Scheduled Jobs

    Recurring processes are the easiest to automate. Determining the recurrence rule and building a custom processing function is typically all it takes to automate many of a business' time-consuming recurring processes.

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  • 3D Web

    Worked with various 3D drawing programs, specifically dealing with architectural drawings, to display models in 3D. Enabled web-based model editing.

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