Investment Management

Foliometrics is a comprehensive and customizable platform for planning, aggregating, tracking, and managing investment portfolios. FolioMetrics enables investors to build customized workspaces and reports tailored to their strategy and preferences using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop layout editor. For each workspace, the investor chooses the widgets they want to include, the name of the workspace, and where the workspace is located in their navigation. There are currently over 120 widgets available to investors that include balances, positions, trades, allocations, performance stats, alerts, tools, news, market information, and more. Certain widget components can also be customized such as the name, size, icon, color, data visible within a table, and the type of chart used. The flexibility and sophistication of FolioMetrics makes it compatible with nearly all types of strategies and investor preferences.

  • Aug 14
  • cloud, app, javascript